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The Hemp SeeDee

Songs and stories about Hemp to entertain, educate and inspire. Canadian singer/songwriters have been inspired by this wonderful plant and its potential to heal the environment, the rural economy, and our health. Their songs have been gathered into this compilation SeeDee.

It's about 50 minutes long with 33 minutes of music in 9 songs. Between each song is a story told by a local elder about hemp everyday uses in Renfrew County (west of Ottawa, Ontario) in the 1930s and how it affected the people when, amidst the depths of the Depression, they were told they could no longer grow it.

James Gordon, of Tamarack and Basic Black (CBC), leads off the set with "Get On Board The Hemp Revival", reminding us we're talking about "the rope kind, not the dope kind". Pam Norris, a single mom of two sons in Wilno, Ontario, follows with a bluesy rocker that puts the relative absence of hemp into perspective for the survival of the people and the environment of the world,

Robbie Anderman of Killaloe sings forth a reworking of Buffy Sainte Marie's "Universal Soldier" into "The Universal Hemp Plant" that keeps close to the theme of the original; followed by his neighbour Rri Povey's bright rendition of "Tasty Hemp Seeds", a parody of the Carribean song "Day-O" that tells all the many uses of the tasty hemp seed with a fun rhythm.

Ken Brown, the Celtic musician from Guelph, shares with us in song the political realities that kept the incredible potential of hemp in dormancy for the last 70 years and reminds us "If We Can" grow it, what could be. Killaloe's Cousin Ken Lillico slides into the story of some of hemp's positive past history, followed by Toronto's Laurien Habijanac's reminder in "Hempress Green" that in order to fulfill our dreams "All we need is to be willing".

Charlie Sohmer, musical light from Ottawa, sings the ballad of a small man caught in the world struggles over hemp that lead to the War of 1812.

Wilno's young Kevin Munroe concludes the musical interlude with a bright rocker reminder to "Let It Grow".

Clark Guettel's "Hemp Seeds Bounce Back" gives a jazzy background to one of Garnet's stories about hemp seeds as a cure for TB; and Schroeder of Killaloe concludes the SeeDee with an artistic soundscape mixing his music with Garnet's storytelling.

The Hemp SeeDee was conceived as a cultural vehicle for sharing he good news about how the hemp plant can help create a positive future for the human race and the Whole Earth. It shares some of our common past that was left out of the history books and brings forth the concept that we can create a brighter future together... with the hemp plant.

For more information, contact:
Robbie Anderman,
RR #4, Killaloe, ON, KOJ 2A0
613-757-3044 robbie@coolhemp.com

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